Web Development Services

At Brucode we provide the best web app solutions that help your business stand out of the crowd.

Software Development Services

Web development has become one of the most important needs for every business offline or even for the ones that exists online. If you too want your website too look better and have better features for your clients to use them and get attracted more quickly, then we might have the best solution for you.

We use the latest and most advanced technology so that our clients are not stuck in the middle of some code, we make sure everything is done right and is in the right place so that no bug bothers the end user; and not to forget we make sure to provide the best customer service for all our clients worldwide.

We have made more than 69 interactive and stand out web applications that will leave you awestruck, our web development team is full of nerdy coders and awesome team leads. With the right guidance, skills and a few cup of coffees we create big dreams turn into a great product.

Mobile Application Development

We build the most reliable and user friendly apps that rock the top chart of the app stores.

Mobile Application Development

We build custom apps for iOS, XCode, Objective-C, Cocos2D, Cocos3D, Unity Framework, Android SDK, and Windows 8 Mobile Applications which also makes us the most advanced and versatile in the field of Mobile App development. We keep our major focus on the functionality to be user friendly and the features to be fulfilling by simply keeping a consumer perspective.

We have created 20 plus apps compatible with both iOS and android from which most of them are ranking in the top charts since 2/3 years. Our clients trust us for the quality and we make sure we are transparent enough to keep them in confidence. This also keeps us motivated and helps us to work harder and better then the last.

If you have an idea we have the skills, come to us and we will make sure to give you the best solution by creating an app that converts as well as help the consumer globally.

UI/UX & Graphics Design

Creating revolutionary designs that influence and project your reputation in a strike since 2010.

UI/UX and Graphics Design

Brucode is a creative web design agency, known for creating most interactive, approachable & responsive designs that will help your business get more conversions than ever. We understand all your requirements, research on your idea soulfully and suggest what the best is for you & create the whole design from scratch making sure the design speaks for itself.

No matter if you already have a website that does not connect with the user because of it design, we can fix it! We make sure your business looks good on the web which is why our creative experts figure out unique plans for our each client.

Creativity is not in the perfect design developed on your terms, we believe it’s putting the heart and soul in to the design; and which is why we have achieved success in more than 200 beautiful projects. Be it a logo, web design, E-newsletters, Banner ads, flyers, brochures or any other UI/UX & Graphics Design we can help you get an ideal stand out design that will leave you mesmerized.

Digital Marketing

A website without marketing is similar to a life without oxygen, it exists but it’s useless.

Digital Marketing

Thus we make sure our clients reach to the target market and get benefited by the product. Under our digital marketing services we offer, Search Engine Optimization, Online Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, and Paid Marketing.

Our clients are never disappointed with the results we provide, as we make sure the product is reaching to its target audience by all means, we make you look big and awesome on social media and lastly we keep a track of your Google rankings. There are many strategies that we follow to do so and love sharing as well as guiding you all along throughout your campaign.

As for other services Digital Marketing also has to go under a detailed process of evaluating, strategizing, creating and then deploying which further also include tad bit changes in your product so that it is Google-safe and our Off page work is also being justified to the fullest.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing as we all know is now the Next Big Thing, the advanced tools and technologies makes it important for us to help our clients with this service.

Cloud Computing Solutions

We serve all kinds of clients for cloud computing be it an individual, startup, organizations and what not. If you all want to gain efficiency and save money at the same time, we have the best solution for you.

We deal in Developer tool platform as a service (Paas), Business Application Software as a Service (SaaS) and lastly Infrastructure resources Infrastructure as a Service. We make sure all you data is kept highly confidential and managed with ease; we also make sure you are provided with hundred percent customer supports for any technical difficulty at any point of time.

We also provide accustomed or standardized functions if required according tour client’s need. Brucode makes sure your revenue is being saved in the right manner. Were you looking for someone like us? Well you have reached the right place!

Business Consultancy Solutions

At Brucode we make sure to provide you with the best solutions for your business.

Business Consultancy Solutions

Our proficiency spans the full continuum of co-operate operations which includes: Commercial Consultants, Business Consultants, Project or Programme Management and ERP (SAP & Oracle) Technology throughout all the service lines & business verticals.

We make sure to optimize your cost for effective growth, enhance the productivity and help deliver projects in time, we make sure the quality of your services are not only being retained but improved, and lastly we also help monitor and control the utilization of resources. We have been following these procedures since 2010 which has now made us one of the fastest growing IT solution providers.

We have helped more than 530 professionals worldwide, belonging to various industries to help grow their business with best solutions and strategies created accustomed for each individual. If this sounds like you too, contact us today and we will help you build an empire of your dreams.

IT Security Solutions

We at Brucode understand how important all kinds of information and core data could be for an organization.

IT Security Solutions

These are not just facts and figures but important assets for any organization to enable healthy growth in the right direction. Which is why we make sure your assets are secured and we do this by providing the world class high security services.

With us you will never have to make any kinds of compromises, we make sure your maintenance costs is decreased, your network is always available, we also ensure full backup and support and lastly the quality is not negotiated at any cost.

Be it any kind of adware, Trojans, hackers, malwares or viruses, we are always here alerted to take care of your data with the most advanced tools and technology of today. If IT security has been a nightmare of yours, you can trust us to the fullest and let us take care of your asset with all dedication.


We understand how important your dreams are and which is why we make sure that you only focus on building your dreams while we take care of the rest for you.


Brucode is one of the fastest growing IT solution providers, helping companies worldwide to outsource and grow to their fullest potential.

Depending upon your requirements we make sure we provide you the best accustomed solution which not only helps you with the problem but to achieve your end goals. With more than 50 plus clients outsourcing with us from all over the world we are now making outsourcing as one of our lead services. We make sure our client is heard well, understood properly and served efficiently.

Be it a small business, a startup company or a big organization we have experience in all the sectors as well as the variations of industries. Want to talk to us about your project; we will be available for your support and our professionals will guide you along your decisions to make them more powerful and achievable.